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3D Printing

The Moose Jaw Public Library is now offering 3D Public Printing!* Check out the information on this page to learn more about the process.

*Filament cost is $.05/g and will include all material used in the printing process. The Library accepts cash or cheque only.



We use Ultimaker Cura on the latest update as our slicer. As a baseline for 3D prints we will be using 15% infill which means that 15% of the interior of the print is filled with plastic. You may change the infill percentage but it could change the quality of the print the higher or smaller the percentage. As well, keep in mind that a higher infill percentage will cost more since more material is needed.


We will be using default supports as a base setting as well as tree supports if necessary. If you opt to not use supports you will be obliged to pay for failed prints.


For most prints we will use a 0.2 mm layer height and for more detailed models we can use 0.12 mm layer height. Different layer height settings can be used on request.


If you change the setting, the library will not be held responsible for the quality of the print. If it fails and the infill is less than 5%, we will still charge for the failed print. 



  • 15% infill percentage (can be changed on request)

  • Default supports and tree supports if necessary (other support options can be requested)

  • 0.2 mm layer height for normal prints and 0.12 mm layer height for more detailed prints (layer height can be changed on request)


3D Printing Machine

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