Fine Forgiveness Week

Come to the Library October 14-20 and complete any of the following tasks; each task will  get you a ticket for $10 off  your fines! 

  • Design your own bookmark and show staff. Supplies will be on both adult and children's side. Ask at the front, or at the Information Desk for more details.

  • Show us a picture of a recipe you like from a cookbook.

  • Food for fines! Bring in a canned food item for the food bank.

  • Book Spine Poetry - Take part in the Book Spine Poetry Contest from SLA.  While at the Library create a poem using book spines. Show a Library staff member your book spine poem.

  • Tag the Moose Jaw Public Library on Facebook and let us know one way that the Library has helped you. Come into the Library and show us your Facebook post!

  • Show us a picture of the "I Love My Library" sticker on your car's window.

  • Watch a movie that was based on a book and come in to let us know what you thought of it!

  • Come to the Library dressed as your favourite book character.

  • Dewey Scavenger Hunt - Draw a Dewey number range from a jar and go find a book from that section. Bring the book to the counter to receive your ticket.

  • Attend a Library program.

  • Read a book or magazine - briefly tell a reference staff member about what you read.

  • Check out an item from the Library (Book/audiobook/DVD/CD etc.)

  • Find the Library Creature! Every day we'll hide one or more creatures throughout the Library. Find one and bring it to the front.